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Hey, thanks for visiting. TMAMD offers premier daycare, boarding and training in Market Drayton, Shropshire, specialising in delivering unique,  high quality adventures and training for higher energy breeds that stimulate them mentally, and physically, leading to a calmer more relaxed dog.

Our full range of services include;

  •  puppy training,  with our partners, Puppy School to get those pups off to a flying start in mastering those basics, with time to socialise your pup in a safe environment.

  • our unique, All-In-One Teacher's Pet Training Programme,  carefully designed to get the very best from higher energy breeds.  Blending obedience, impulse control, mental enrichment, calming techniques,  scentwork and trickwork this really is THE most holistic, comprehensive training package on the market.

  • premier home boarding and doggy daycare for the most cherished  dogs, where training comes, as standard.





Hi, I'm Maria Bull and I own Train Me and My Dog with my husband, Steve.  My love affair with dogs really did began at birth.  As a very small child, I spent every weekend with my Grandparents, who always owned German Shepherds and this fostered my over-whelming love of the breed. I was never without a dog of my own, throughout childhood, but also had numerous doggy friends. 

  • Boxer Brandy - who made me late for school every day! Well, how can you walk past a dog in a front garden and not stop for a snuggle?
  •  Sadie - a neighbour's Labrador who snuck off to visit me whenever her owner was gardening.  
  • And Bob (a latchkey dog) who met me after school every night and walked me home. 

I could go on and on and on about my childhood doggy friends but I'm sure you get the gist that dogs have been a huge part of my life, ALWAYS.  I've sought out their company, fallen in love with them all and I still do (but more on that later).


As an adult, it was a natural choice for me to find a GS puppy, to call my own.  Maxie was a pup who I should've  walked away from; raised in a barn with a mum who was only 6 months old herself and removed from the pups far too early. Max was 4 months old when I met her, hadn't been socialised and had never been in a real home. I knew enough to know, at that point, to know that I should have walked away, that this beautiful pup was going to be incredibly hard work but we bonded and that was it. SHE WAS MINE!

I'd like to tell you that I totally got Max 'sorted' but that'd be lies.  I was a BALANCED TRAINER at that point. I used rewards to train her but also used a choke chain to 'control' her on walks, gave shouted commands and told her off, if I thought she was misbehaving.

But, over time, I realised these methods weren't helping. Infact, they were scaring her and damaging our relationship so I stopped using them! Instead, I focused on the positive and, although Max  never developed into a fully social dog, she eventually found two doggy friends that she adored and she learnt to trust people that were invited into our home. She could walk through a field of dogs, off-lead, ignoring them and became pretty damn obedient. In dog terms, she was the absolute love of my life! She taught me SO MUCH about the importance of patience, of listening to your dog (they are constantly trying to communicate with you) and in allowing them to make choices so that they have complete trust in you. And, it's because of her, that I'm the fully positive, force-free trainer that I am today.



I trained as a primary school teacher and spent many happy years in class, doing a job I loved but, after a lifetime of owning, training, be-friending and loving dogs, 4 years ago I saw an ad seeking puppy trainers with the leading, national providers of puppy training in the UK. On a whim, I decided to apply, never really dreaming that I'd be accepted for their training programme. To my absolute delight, Puppy School accepted my application and the rest, as they say, is history.


Now, happily relocated to the beautiful Shropshire countryside, in a home with an acre of land,  I'm blessed to be running Train Me and My Dog in Market Drayton, with my hubby, Steve, where we provide premier boarding, daycare and training for high energy dogs and where I get to spend every day surrounded by the creatures I adore most in this world.


Why high energy? Well, as a provider of social daycare and boarding, we found that the vast majority of our customers, like us, owned high energy breeds; 

Dogs that were constantly 'on the go', dogs who found it almost impossible to settle without 2 to 3 hours of walking a day, dogs who became massively over-excited around other dogs and people, dogs who couldn't relax, on cue.  We realised that we needed to find more effective ways of being able to manage up to 10 high energy dogs, in the same space, so we began to introduce daily activities to help us to achieve the balance and self-control that these dogs needed.  Activities like scentwork, freework, ttouch therapy, trick training, enrichment feeding and the like became part of our routines and we became specialists in tiring and balancing high energy dogs so that our boarders and daycare visitors were able to settle and behave more calmly here and when they went home. This was so successful that we developed Teacher's Pet; our unique, holistic, training programme for high energy breeds.


I share my home with my hubby, Steve, who has also spent his life surrounded by dogs, and 4 gorgeous fur babies of my own. How did I end up with 4 dogs? Well, it tends to go something like this...... I suggest getting a new dog and unfortunately my husband never says, 'No!' 

Shortly after our wedding,  we began building our pack. 9 year old GS, Cassie, was rescued from a family who couldn't cope with a bouncy, 6 month old GS pup with 3 children under 5 to take care of. She'd been poorly socialised so barked aggressively at people and dogs. It took 2 years of working with her holistically to develop her into the dog she is today; highly social, with a love of meeting new dogs and people. She's  brilliant with puppies, and other dogs just know that she is a dog to be listened too.  

9 year old Lab/Staff X, Holly was rescued from the Dog's Trust. She'd lived with 26 other dogs.  It's unlikely that she'd ever been out for a walk and was a very nervous and timid girl but she loved one thing; other dogs and she transformed before my eyes on meeting my Cassie. As long as Cass was around, Holly's confidence grew and she was willing to try new things ,visit new places and engage with new people. Holly now helps me with my reactive dog work as she's calm and totally unphased by any dog who may bark at her, even aggressively.

Next to join our pack was GS, Bria. Unfortunately, Bria has a lifelong medical condition that became apparent when she was a small puppy. This condition made socialising and walking her during those crucial puppy months, impossible, so our darling girl became reactive towards dogs and people. Her condition also makes her prone to anxiousness and she has memory issues.  If a visitor here goes to the toilet, Bria forgets that they were ever here so it comes as a bit of a shock to her when they appear back in the lounge! We had to work very hard with her, once her condition was under control, to re-socialise her. We can never make up for the socialisation that she missed as a puppy and she will always suffer from anxiousness but we developed methods to successfully introduce her to new dogs and new people and she plays happily with our boarding and daycare dogs, which really does melt my heart, considering her starting point.

And last, but very much not least, there's 3 year old Labradoodle, Cooper; our only boy.  He adores learning and training and is a typical foodie Lab who would happily train all day, as long as the food kept coming! Cooper was also desperately ill as a puppy, developing auto-immune menigitis at 6 months. Again, his condition with be with him for life. He was treated with very high dose steroids over an extended period and, while these were life-saving, they also caused Cooper to become dog reactive. It really was heart-breaking to watch my social, dog-loving boy develop full-on reactivity within a week of starting his treatment. He even began throwing himself at the TV at the sight of any animal. We needed to manage his reactivity, as best we could, avoiding situations where he could practise that behaviour, and work on building his confidence around other dogs, after he completed his treatment.  Fortunately, our methods proved very effective and he's now great with the dogs who stay here and has made some very special friends.

So, I'm a trainer but my dogs are NOT perfect! Just like your dogs, my pack are on a training journey, a lifelong one. We experience highs and lows, we take steps forward and sometimes steps back but we keep working on helping them to become the best dogs they can be; the happiest dogs they can be; the best behaved dogs they can be, and we keep trying to improve ourselves, as owners and as trainers, to be able to better understand our dogs and to better communicate with them.

Please don't hesitate to contact me for an informal chat regarding your needs or any way in which we can help you and your dog.

'We have had the best experience. We have learnt so much and seem to have a wonderfully confident, relaxed and content puppy. Can’t thank Maria enough for her help and support!' 

Telisha Jenkinson & clever, tiny boy, Pepe

So, Why Choose TMAMD for your training, daycare or boarding?

Chill time with the daycare and boarding crew; learning how to settle together. I'm a cushion!

The simple answer is, we take the time to find out;



As a teacher, my goal was always to find and nurture my children's talents; whether that was in singing, dancing, sports, science, art and to REALLY encourage them to develop those talents to build their confidence and their belief in themselves. These were the key to motivate them to tackle areas of the curriculum that they found more difficult and challenging.

 In my first year as a teacher back in 1989, I taught a wonderful group of 36 very talented kids who were fabulous in the Arts. I based my English teaching, for a term, around Les Mis (without the ruder bits). My class listened to the songs and wrote poems, stories, newspaper articles etc based on the stories of those songs. I'm a bit of a singer so I sang the songs to them as well and they were hooked! 

We had a Class Assembly to do that term and the kids decided that they'd like to perform the songs themselves and incorporate our English work into the Assembly. We held auditions for the roles of Eponine, Marius, Fantine, Javert and Jean Val Jean and the children performed solos. A 10 minute assembly quickly developed into a 45 minute full-scale production and their performances were truly amazing! What was more amazing is the deep love for musicals and for Les Mis, in particular,  that developed in that class of 11 year old children, many of whom, had never even been to the theatre.

 I'm still in touch with most of my first class, on Facebook. They still post about Les Mis. Most have seen it, on stage, on multiple occasions, some even more times than I've seen it (and I've seen it, A LOT!) They all still remember, 30 years later, who took which role and what they wore for their part. They even talk about remembering the day that the parts were given out to everyone at the audition stage.

It was only natural that I brought this passion for finding and nurturing talents, therefore, to training dogs, puppies and their owners.  All dogs have natural talents too! It's my job, as your trainer, to help you to discover these natural talents in your own dog so that we can use them to motivate them to perform well and consistently in obedience training.

Training and learning should be FUN. If it ain't fun, for you and your dog, then you're doing it all wrong!

This love for learning and teaching is also why all of our boarding and daycare provision includes training from Steve & I, as standard! I can't spend time with your dogs and NOT train them. I can't spend time with your dogs and NOT try to find their talents so I can nurture them to make them happier, more fulfilled, more confident and better-behaved dogs. It's the very essence of creating a relationship and a bond with them so we deliver a whole range of enrichment activities while your dog is in our care, to find those natural talents and to develop them, sharing them with you, their owners, so that you can better motivate your dogs to behave well.

My experience of living with reactive, excitable and nervous high energy dogs means that I consider these to be my specialisms.  I understand dogs who have these issues and I can help you to better understand what they are desperately trying to communicate to you, with what you may think is,  bad behaviour, and how you can best support them to develop ever-nearer into the dogs that you'd love them to be.

 You'll find many adverts online proposing quick fixes to fix these issues. Well guys, you can waste your money on those, if you want too but here's the truth,


Think of your own fears; we all have them. Is there a quick fix for those? Is there a pill you can pop? Is there one sure-fire way to remove that fear that will transform you overnight?

Of course there isn't. Change takes time! Over-coming deep-seated fears takes time. It takes patience, it takes long term commitment and it takes you to commit to developing your dog's confidence, to overcome issues and I can help you to achieve that .......IF YOU'RE WILLING TO COMMIT!


We hope that you'll enjoy discovering the varied training that we have on offer to you and your furry friends and discovering more about our Truly Social Premier Home Boarding and Doggy Daycare provision.





 Our approach is fully positive and reward-based and all of our services are offered in Tern Hill, Market Drayton, conveniently located just a minute from the A41/A53.

We specialise in providing small, bespoke high quality training courses, ensuring lots of individual support for each participant. Most of our training courses have a maximum of  3 - 5 participants so you need NOT worry about your dog becoming over-whelmed by being surrounded by huge numbers of other dogs.

We also offer high quality luxury daycare and home boarding for up to 6 dogs/puppies and are licensed with Shropshire Council.

We  are fully qualified and insured trainers with Puppy School, a national network of highly trained dog training professionals, and have been operating in this area since January 2019, following a house move from the Midlands. We are passionate about training and the benefits that it can bring in developing and maintaining your relationship with your dog, improving their socialisation, obedience and promoting their health and well-being. I was a Primary School Teacher for 30 years so I have a wealth of teaching experience, ensuring that my training sessions are carefully planned, clear and progressive and that, even in a group session, I can pitch the training at the right level for your and your dog.  I'm also, according to my owners, 'highly entertaining' (background in Am Dram) so my lessons are fun and interactive.

We currently offer Puppy, Beginner's, Intermediate and Advanced level obedience training to all breeds, from 11 weeks upwards. We also offer Scentwork Workshops and we hope that you'll choose to join us for one of our fun, informative and friendly courses or unique workshops that run regularly throughout the year. 

Please be aware that our puppy training course is available for pups aged between 11 weeks to 20 weeks of age only. Older pups would join our Beginner's Level 1 Obedience Course as it's important to train very young puppies separately to those pups that are entering their adolescent stage of development, which occurs at around 5 to 6 months of age. 

Whether you're looking for a one-off  foundation-level training course to teach the basics consistently or an intermediate  oe advanced course to further develop the initial training you have already completed  with us or elsewhere, you will find it available with us.

You will also find a wide range of more complex, advanced training courses that we plan to offer, once we have built up our client-base in this area. Our Scentwork courses have already launched and coming soon are Doggy Dancing, Trick Workshops and Assistance Training Courses. These are fun but complex  workshops so owners will need good handling skills at a distance, with duration and around distractions; exactly what we teach on our Level 2 Obedience Course, Canine College. So, if you wish to really get the best from your dog and help him to realise his full potential, by providing him with a lifetime of learning, please sign up for one of our foundation or intermediate-level courses and be ready to be amazed at what both of you can achieve!

We run a free  Dog Walking Group, where we meet at various locations around Shropshire and South Cheshire during the weekend and anyone with a social, friendly dog is welcome to join these walks. Please visit our FB page and request to join our Dog Walking Group to find out when walks are taking place. These walks give you a chance to socialise your dog on a regular basis and practise the techniques you've learnt in training sessions, in the real world, with the full support of your trainer and fellow owners. 

New for 2020, following on from successful Summer events, we now offer a range of Doggy Socials for friendly dogs; currently these take the form of Mixed Breed Socials, Small Dog Socials & Puppy Socials and each runs once a month.

We offer a full range of 1:1 services to tackle various training and behaviour issues, including reactivity workshops. We have a Facebook Page that you can visit by clicking here, full of videos, our latest news and a full list of courses that are currently available for booking. Please be kind enough to like and share our page if you visit us and engage with it regularly to ensure you keep seeing our posts and stay updated with all new training and events.

We hope you enjoy perusing our website as there's lots to see and we hope to meet you and your dog very, very soon.


Maria and Steve

'Brilliant experience; loved every minute. Excellent tutor who was very friendly, always on hand if needed and delivered the  course brilliantly. Cannot fault it at all.' Wendy Duhig & the very lovable, Tess.

'Capable and knowledgeable! What more could you want?'

Albert Bull & the irrepressible, Hugo

Never seem to have enough hands! Lol

Never seem to have enough hands!


FREE Welcome Pack worth £35 and our special Puppy Guidance Pack containing 15 'must-have' information sheets for all Puppy Training bookings or bookings for pups under 12 months!

'Puppy School has been amazing; would recommend to anyone. It's not just about training for obedience, it's a real bonding experience for you and your pup. Friendly and helpful service. Sad to have finished. Poppy will miss, it I'm sure.' 

Sarah Jane Beatrup & her clever girl, Poppy

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