Introducing Challenge Weeks!

So you have completed your Canine College Level 2 Dog Training Course, meaning that you and your dog have graduated from college. Huge Congratulations! That means that you're both now better-trained than most owners and their dogs in the UK. So, now it's time to get that all-important University education underway. Therefore, we are launching our Advanced Obedience Training Course; Canine University, at the end of July. 

Our courses are always FUN and interactive but none more-so than Canine University; our exciting Advanced- Level Obedience Course of 8 carefully designed one hour lessons that will 'proof' your dog's cues against various distractions, while working at distance, allowing you to train your dog to listen to you, even around high-level distractions, such as other dogs and in busier environments.

This course consists of 6 lessons at our Tern Hill, Market Drayton venue, including work on road, followed by 2 weeks ON LOCATION, where you can further proof your dog's skills and obedience-level. 

Our on-location venues are Nantwich and Alderford Lake, Whitchurch, where you will complete a series of set 'just-for-fun challenges, in a given time. The more challenges you complete successfully, the greater the points you'll receive. Irrelevant of the date and time of your Tern Hill lessons, these on-location sessions will take place on Saturday/Sundays, at a time advertised with the course dates, to enable us to fully utilise all that those environments have to offer.

Within this course you and your dog will further develop and proof;

your 'leave' cue for food, people and other dogs, including temptation alleys of varying degrees of difficulty

sustained, accurate heelwork, including changes in speed and direction, around other dogs/people

 anti-pull techniques for less formal walktimes, developing appropriate auto-check-ins

emergency stops around various distractions

 an effective and appropriate wait cue 

increasing distance cues for sit, down & stand

stays out of sight and in the car, with distractions

an introduction to agility.

Only 4 participants are accepted onto each course and full notes accompany it. 

Canine University is offered, UPON DEMAND, so please contact us on 07939 994126 to express an interest, if you cannot find a suitable course available on our bookings page. The course can be scheduled at any time to suit participants. You will require a longline to complete this course. These can be purchased from TMAMD at the time of booking the course if you don't already have one. Retractable leads are not suitable.

The full 8 week course costs only £85 and is suitable for any dog over 6 months of age who has consistent basic training and a suitable level of distance and duration training or has completed our Canine College Level 2 Obedience course.

We can occasionally accept reactive dogs onto this course. If your dog is reactive please contact us about our reactivity 1:1s so that you can begin to effectively control this, prior to joining the course or contact us on 07939 994126 to discuss further.