Our outdoor play area with Tuggy Trees, Play Decks, Tunnels, Sand Pits and artificial grass.

Keep your dog well socialised

Effective socialisation begins from the moment your new dog/puppy joins your family and attending our training classes or workshops will continue that highly important process. However, to keep them friendly and social around other dogs, those positive experiences need to be maintained regularly. This is why we hold regular dog walks in the local area, free of charge, to which everyone is welcome. We even have a Dog Walking FB page that you can request to join.

NEW for 2020, we have launched a range of regular Doggy Socials. These take place at Tern Hill in our fully secured play area which has an artificial grass surface, for added convenience, so NO MUCKY PAWS! BONUS! Just lots of fun for owners and their woofs! These are open to any social, vaccinated dogs, whether or not they have previously attended training with us.

Not only do these socials allow your dog to have a safe off-lead play with their doggy friends but they also provide owners with great opportunities to practise their dog's recall around various distractions with the expert guidance and support of Maria.

 All owners need to bring vaccination certificates to their first social.

At only £10 per social, it's money very well spent.


Frenchie Louie, Dachshund George & Cockapoo Colbie having a great time at our Small Breed Social.




These run monthly and are open to breeds up to small collie size.  Restricted to 8 dogs per session.

Amber, Cockapoo Ginny & little JRT, Rose - BFFs!




Also running monthly for any size dog at all so if your smaller dog enjoys a romp with bigger dogs then book them in. Restricted to 4 dogs maximum.

More Besties, Retriever pup Doug, GSD Bella & Sprocker Alan.

Puppy Socials


Puppy Socials

Again, running monthly these socials not only provide an opportunity for your pups to learn how to play appropriately; they also provide you with the chance to develop your pup's recall skills and build their confidence around different breeds and different sizes of puppy. Confidence-building activities are available or maybe try a little bit of simple trick training.

Pups who are currently completing their puppy training with us are given FREE PLACES at these socials but these need to be booked via Maria. 6 pups maximum.

Social walks with our friends.

Dog/Puppy Training and Socialisation Walks

To Aid Training & Socialisation

All clients who book a Puppy Training Course are invited to attend our Puppy Socialisation Walks. These take place in various locations in and around Shropshire, often suggested by owners, and are a great way of practising your newly-found skills, giving you an opportunity to begin to train your puppy around distractions in the real world, with help and support on hand, from Maria, Steve and fellow-owners.  

From 6 months+, owners who have attended any of our courses or workshops or have booked a 1:1 session with us, will be invited to join our Dog Walking Group to ensure their dog's socialisation journey continues, on a regular basis.

These walks are also a great opportunity to get to know other owners who may be interested in further Meet & Greets, Play Dates and walks with you and your furry friends.

Our groups meet regularly, and your booking provides you with Free Lifetime Membership to them.