We now offer a full series, of Scentwork Workshops designed to develop your dog into a SUPER SNIFFER. These workshops run from Beginner's to Advanced level.

Introduction to Scentwork Workshop

This first 2 hr, FUN workshop, at total Beginner's Level, will help you to train your dog to do what they do best - SNIFF and FIND!

Which dog can't sniff? So, they're sure to be fabulous at it, but you'll need training to become a Super Sniffer handler. You'll learn how to teach your dog to follow and find a scent.

You'll learn to carefully observe your dog's body language and you'll find out just what sort of 'sniffer' they are as every 'sniffer' is unique.


Great for dogs of all ages and all breeds but our spaniels, labs, shepherds, retrievers, collies and terriers are sure to do particularly well in these workshops.

Harnessing your dog's sniffing power can help them to overcome anxiousness, reactivity and fears and can build a much more confident dog. It also tires them out, as sniffing is hard work, so this type of workshop is exceptionally good training and exercise for high energy breeds who seemingly never slow down! 20 mins of sniffer work is comparative to 1 hour of chase games! You'll also learn how to use scentwork to develop and maintain a strong bond with your dog, using it to encourage them to look to you for support, thus developing an even stronger relationship.

With only 3 dogs per course you'll have loads of time to carry out a number of free searches and you'll be taught how to build a 'search scene' at home that both of you can enjoy. Why not get together with a couple of friends and book your own Super Sniffer course where you can all come along as a group, to train your dogs together? Just call Maria to choose a suitable date and time; evenings, daytimes or weekends.

We are now accepting reactive dogs onto our Sniffers Workshops but please phone, in advance, of booking to make us aware.

This fabulous 2 hr workshop costs only £25 and is available for booking now! It's a great way to try out one of our courses before committing to a longer course with us so why not book up and come and find out what we're all about and what makes our training courses so different from the majority of trainers out there today?



In our second 2hr beginner's level workshop, you will learn more about alternative scents and you will learn how to carry out more formal searches, using a search pattern, to help to guide your dog, in order to carry out more thorough searches. This will, again, further strengthen your bond with your dog as they look to you for support.

You will also learn to better look for and respond to indications from your dog.

You will need to have completed our Beginner's 1 Workshop before signing up for Beginner's 2.


Unique Workshops & Training courses

Coming Soon! Trick Training Workshop!


So you'd like to wow your friends and continue your training adventure with your dog. Join us at our Trick Training Workshop, available throughout the year.

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Do you want to train your dog to help you around the house? Teach your dog to bring items to you, put rubbish in the bin, collect the post, load and unload washing, fetch their lead and so much more......available soon.

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NEW FOR 2019! Recall workshops!


Experiencing issues encouraging your dog to come back to you when called? Join TMAMD to further strengthen and build an effective recall toolbox so that your dog will always come back to you when called, by signing up for one of our inter-active, play-based Recall Workshops. Learn how to become THE person that your dog loves to be with the most, making effective recall a breeze in this 3-4 hour workshop, only available with TMAMD. 

Through a range of 'Follow-Me', 'Lead-Me' and 'Let-Me-Go' games your dog will quickly learn that there’s no better place to be, than to be with you. Small groups of 6 dogs to 2 trainers will ensure high levels of support and guidance for all participants. An investment of only £60 will secure your place on this workshop.

  Delivered throughout the year.

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