Our Puppy SCHOOL Training Classes

This is a video of real trainers, owners and their puppies, training the Puppy School Way and it's why I'm so proud to be a Puppy School Tutor!


Welcome & Congratulations on your new addition!

Here at TMAMD, we offer Puppy School Classes to help you to give your puppy the very best possible start in life! Our 6 week puppy training courses are fun, innovative and totally force-free and are available for pups aged between 11 - 20 weeks, at the start of their course.  With only 5 pups per course, owners can be assured of a wealth of individual guidance and support. You will be actively involved in working with your own puppy throughout each lesson ensuring that you not only have fun, but fully maximise your learning time. 

Our course is also progressive, so you and your puppy will learn new skills every week and you'll receive a full-colour training manual so you can practise between lessons. 

(Too old for Puppy Training? Then join our Adult Beginner's Course for pups over 20 weeks.)

In our Puppy Training Course, you'll be taught, through clear demonstrations with the pups in class, all the skills needed to develop a solid training foundation including;

  •  sit, 
  • down, 
  • stay, 
  • stand, 
  • gentle, leave
  • settle, 
  • coming when called
  • loose lead walking, teaching your pup to walk to heal
  • anti-pull methods
  •  opportunities to develop effective handling techniques that will help your puppy cope with vet and grooming visits
  • toy play, which will reduce play-biting  and help you to create an unbreakable bond with your puppy
  • teaching your pup to greet people without jumping up 
  • your pup will also socialise with other pups and a range of people and will even learn a trick or two that you can wow your friends and family with!

We also offer a range of excellent follow-on courses and workshops to continue your pup's training beyond the initial puppy training level.

We welcome the whole family to our training sessions, including children, 5 and over, who are keen to learn how to train their new puppy.

  • You'll also receive a certificate and rosette on completion of the course.
  • We are sponsored by Natures Menu and each puppy signed up for Puppy School receives a free £35 'Welcome Box' from them delivered straight to their doorstep, which includes our full-colour training manual! 
  • You'll also receive our Puppy Guidance Pack with 15 information sheets to ensure that you have all the information necessary to get your pup off to the right start, before even joining the course.
  • An invite to our monthly 60 minute Social Group Walks for puppies is also included.

Courses run every few weeks in Tern Hill, Market Drayton on weekday evenings and weekends. Courses are £70 for a 6 week course.

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Check out our Puppy Training Video above

Why Choose to Train Your Puppy?


'Just finished our 6 week course with our pup, Henry at Puppy School.  We all really enjoyed it and got so much from the training provided. Maria and Steve were fab.  We're all going to miss the weekly classes and other pups. Highly recommend going if you've got a new puppy.'

Sarah-Jayne Lyndon & the very cuddly, Henry.

Puppy School is an established national network of puppy training tutors providing courses that are of the highest standard, using gentle, kind and positive methods only. They are approved by the ABTC; the only regulatory authority for animal welfare in training in the UK.

Founder and Director of Puppy School, Gwen Bailey, set up Puppy School in 2002 to help owners give their puppies the best possible start in life. Gwen is a world renowned behaviourist and trainer who has written 13 books, lectures worldwide and personally trains all of the Puppy School Team, including me.

Available Dates & Times of our classes

Please take a look at our latest videos of our  lovely pups in action, below.

'Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Maria!! We have learnt so much over the last 6 weeks and Doug has loved every minute of it! As mentioned to you today Doug managed to escape through our front door a few days ago and bolted straight up the road but, as we use the PS recall technique on a regular basis, when I used it, he came running straight back to me...which is amazing!! Thank you.' 

Becky Tong and the wonderful Doug The Pug



Check out Loki's Graduation Routine from our Puppy School class.


Our first groups in Adderley, strutting their stuff!

Rosie Graduates Puppy School

Superstar Rosie.

My pup, Cooper

Aged only 9 weeks, my pup Cooper, was always so focussed during his training, even with my other 3 dogs milling around the garden.