We'll help you to analyse your lifestyle to find a breed that will be best suited to it. We can also provide guidance on breeders, and choosing the right puppy from a litter.

You'll also receive our Puppy Guidance Pack with each visit booked to ensure that you get off to the best start before you even bring your puppy home. 

Only £25 per visit!

PRE-puppy training COURSE VISITS


Book a pre-course visit at a special price of only £25 (saving £10). 

So, you've booked one of our  puppy training courses but would benefit from some advice prior to it beginning. Book our pre-course visit for help with a specific issue or advice regarding your new puppy.



Containing MUST-HAVE information on a range of important subjects to ensure that you get off to the right start with your puppy including; 

  • Crate Training
  • Toilet Training
  • Puppy Play
  • Teaching Puppy to Sleep Through the Night
  • Socialising Your Pup
  • Resource Guarding
  • Raising Two Pups Together
  • Raising a Pup with an Older Dog
  • Lead Resistance
  • Eating Faeces and Non-Food Items
  • Adolesence
  • How to Use a Houseline
  • Frustrated Aggression
  • Tips for Working with High Energy Dogs
  • Preparing for a Bab

free welcome pack for all puppy training bookings

Free welcome pack (worth £35) from nature's menu with every Puppy school booking!


Natures Menu manufacture and distribute high quality food including, raw mince and nuggets, ready-to-serve tins and pouches, high quality kibble, meaty treats and a variety of raw bones. These are all delivered straight to your door.
The commonly reported benefits of raw feeding, via testimonials, include;

  • Fresher breathe and cleaner, whiter teeth
  • Sensitive stomachs improve
  • More stable energy - less hyperactivity
  • Reduction of allergies and food intolerances

Don't fancy feeding raw? Try Natures Menu treats and bones instead.
New to Train Me and My Dog! Sign up for any of our courses or individual sessions to receive your £15 off voucher and receive a further 20% off voucher at the end of your course.

Help for a local animal rescue


Having been an animal lover since birth, I am passionate about animal rescue. Each year, we support a local rescue by donating for each and every booking taken.

For 2019, we will be supporting Grinshill Animal Rescue in Shrewsbury.