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 TRAIN ME AND MY DOG HOME BOARDING -Maria Bull License Number 18/04705/AIAL

Welcome to Train Me and My Dog’s Home Boarding Page, established in 2019. We are fully insured and licensed by Shropshire Council to provide home boarding and have achieved a 4 star rating (the highest rating that can be achieved in the first 3 years of the establishment of a HB business). Whether you’re away for just one night or an extended holiday, we will happily welcome your dog into our home to provide them with their own Adventure Holiday with us, giving you peace of mind that, while you’re away, your dog is being loved and cared for to the highest standard and enjoying their own little adventure with us.

I’m a professional, full-time dog trainer, qualified with Puppy School,  and I teach a variety of dog and puppy training classes around the Market Drayton & Newport area, with my husband, Steve. We are also both fully qualified Dog First Aiders and I’m a Raw Advisor for Natures Menu and an approved trainer with The Dog Training Council.

We have both had a massive love of dogs for our whole lives and I decided to ‘take the plunge’ to launch Train Me and My Dog, as a full-time career, in January 2019, after delivering dog training on a part-time basis for Puppy School, for a number of years. 

We re-located to Market Drayton and launched our dog and puppy training classes, operating in Market Drayton and our Home Boarding provision represents the next phase of our expansion. 

We have a one acre plot for your dog to play in, a sandpit, tunnels, 4 dogs of our own for them to play with, superb local walks for exploration and 'sniffy times' and lots of other doggy friends for them to meet on our regular social walks and playdate events. Your dog will have an absolute blast, enjoying their own little Adventure Holiday with us, while you're away enjoying yours!

Owners are most welcome to visit us in our home, by prior arrangement, to view our facilities and meet with us. Please telephone to arrange a completely no-obligation visit.


Home Boarders, Otto and Yeti, enjoying a dig, with my Cooper, in one of our sandpits.



We are conveniently located just off the junction of the A53 and A41 at Tern Hill, Market Drayton, in a secure, one acre plot, which your dogs will enjoy daily, if boarded with us. With each dog being assigned its own specific garden area, if necessary, they will also have access to our full plot for playtime sessions. A third of our garden comprises a large artificial turf area, with a sand pit, that is utilised for play sessions and outdoor training. We also offer a collection & drop off service so you have less to worry about and less to organise.

Two of my girls with beautiful Springer/Pointer Cross, Mabel.



We have cosy, carpeted rooms available for your dog's stay.  All rooms are fully centrally heated and will be assigned for your dog's sole use for the duration of their stay. Most rooms have a comfortable sofa or bed for your dog’s to take a snooze on. We are more than happy to spend the night sleeping with your dog on the first evening of their stay to help them to settle in and feel at home and family dogs can be boarded together, in the same room, at your request. As the owner of 4 dogs, we know how important it is to find quality care at a sensible price which is why we offer discounts for multi-dog bookings of 5 days and over, for family dogs sharing a room. Although your dogs will have their own room,  social dogs will spend the vast majority of their stay in our company, with our resident pack; GSDs Cassie & Bria, Labrador, Holly and Blue Merle Labradoodle, Cooper who just love having new friends come to stay!





All of our boarding rooms have gated access so that your dog will never have to be shut in their room behind a closed door. The gate will be closed during bedtime, but the door will always remain open, so they will never feel alone.

All boarders have carefully supervised introductions to other boarders and to our own dogs during their stay with us.  All interactions between dogs are carefully supervised and monitored at all times as your dog’s safety is our primary concern.

The primary benefit of boarding your dog with us is two-fold; one, as a qualified and experienced dog trainer, you can choose to add a daily 15 - 30 minute dog training session to your stay for only £5 extra per day.  During this time we will work with your dog to either,

  • reinforce their current level of obedience OR
  • train them in new skills identified by you.

The choice is yours!

But, more importantly, we adore dogs and our primary aim is ALWAYS to spend as much time as possible with our boarders. Yes, they each have their own room, in line with current regulations, but they will spend precious little time, if any, actually in it! Why? Because we accept social dogs who spend their whole time in the company of the pack, playing together and resting together as they would in a daycare provision.  I often read reviews for other local home boarding competitors and find owners raving how their dogs receive two good walks a day and have their own centrally-heated rooms with their own bed.  Our dogs, however, spend all their time here either in our company or in the company of their fellow boarders and our resident pack which often includes bedtime as well, once they are fully integrated. They have company, love and cuddles 24/7.

A Typical Day for your dog will begin at approximately 8am and will incorporate;

· Regular toileting opportunities provided at least every 2 hrs during the day and evening, apart from bedtime

· At least 2 x 20 min individual play sessions outside with one of us, with a variety of their favourite toys

·As much outdoor group play sessions with other boarders and our own dogs, as appropriate (although when the weather is good our boarders rarely choose to come inside at all, preferring to spend the majority of the day playing outside with us)

· A minimum of at least one 30 minute, on lead, walk per day, exploring the superb walks we have available locally (although this is considerably longer, on most occasions)

· At least one 15 - 30 minute, individual training session where we can work on any training that you would like us too; please detail at the time of booking from the available menu (additional cost)

· Evenings spent with the other boarders and our own dogs in our living areas, as appropriate; nowhere is off-limits to our boarders

· At least a 30 min - 1 hour rest period will be provided after eating, either in their own room, if necessary, or within our living areas with our other boarders and our own dogs

· Bedtime will be at approximately 11.00pm when all boarders will return to their own rooms, if necessary.  We help all boarders to settle comfortably into their rooms, sleeping in their rooms, as necessary

· Cuddle time will definitely be a regular feature of your dog’s day

· A range of enrichment activities will be provided on a daily basis 

· In the event of inclement weather, as many enrichment activities as possible will be provided indoors or in our indoor play barn

· We will provide you with daily updates, while you’re away, of how your dog is doing, either via FB Messenger, What’s App or email and your dog's adventures will form a large part of our FB posts during their stay with us

· Your dog will be well-loved and cherished by us during their stay. 

Boarders will not be left in our premises without us being on site, for longer than 3 hrs at a time, and they will always be left within their own rooms. Dogs may be crated during these times, if needed, as agreed and advised by owners. However, the only time we leave our boarders is when we are walking the dogs as we devote ourselves to them and have no social life lol. The rest of the time, we are all theirs; available to cuddle, play, train, walk and supervise. Due to our love for dogs we like to spend as much time as possible with our boarders. We only have them for a short time so we like to maximise the time we spend with them; playing, walking, training and cuddling.

Dogs will be provided access to a crate overnight, at the owner’s request, but this will be unlocked.

Our aim is always to build a balanced, happy pack of boarding dogs that will spend the majority of their time in the company of other boarders, ourselves and our dogs, as part of our  family.

We request that owners provide their pets with; a lead, collar, harness, water bowl, food bowl, food, bedding, treats, their crate, and medicines, although we will also provide access to a range of toys and treats, as agreed with the owner.

We also, if appropriate, involve your dog in other social activities, such as playdates and walks, with some of our Dog Walking Group; all dogs trained by TMAMD!

We promise you that your dog will be loved as our own if you choose to board them with us and we'll update you as often as you like via our FB page, WhatsApp or Messenger so you'll have full piece of mind.

They'll have such a good time, they really may not want to come home! Lol.



Daily Training Available for Your Dog!!

We offer daily reinforcement or moving on training for your dog during their stay with us at a small additional cost.

Here's 8 month old German Shepherd pup, Prince, being put through his paces, with  Maria.

Group Play Sessions

Our boarders join in with group play sessions with our own 4 dogs throughout the day, although boarder Mabel, preferred to ambush my dogs on their return to me so that she could get them to chase her! Such a cheeky, comical girl.

Puppy Group Play Sessions

Puppy Yeti, builds up the courage to play with my big crew after watching them play fetch for a couple of days, beforehand. He found his confidence and didn't look back!

Adventure Walks

We have a superb range of local walks that we can take your dog on during their stay with us, including exploring lakes, rivers, canals, woodlands and wide open fields.

We are firm believers in the benefits of 'sniffy walks' so your dog is able to fully enjoy the scents they encounter on their walks. Here's Mabel exploring  one of our favourites, Alderford Lake, nr Whitchurch. 

Boarding for Nervous Dogs

Having a nervous dog ourselves, we are particularly adept at integrating nervous dogs into our pack and have had a number of successes already. Buster was very nervous when he first arrived with us but, with expert handling and introductions, he soon began enjoying his stay here. Some nervous dogs require more regular visits, prior to boarding for a longer-term. Please get in touch with us early if you require boarding for a nervous, fearful dog so that we have adequate time to introduce your dog effectively.


Special provision for HOME BOARDING puppies

We welcome fully vaccinated pups of 11 weeks+ to come and stay with us. The needs of young puppies are quite different, however, than the needs of older pups and adult dogs. 

Young pups require careful socialisation with:

  • other puppies
  • calm, adult puppy friendly dogs
  • adults and children.

They also require quiet times so that they can take regular naps throughout the day to avoid becoming over-tired.

Any puppy boarding with us will receive more regular toilet breaks, socialisation trips and play dates with other pups and calm, adult dogs, they will mix with our own 4 dogs, who are great with puppies, and will have access to activities that will stimulate their mental development.

They will be exercised according to age-appropriate guidelines and will have daily training delivered by a qualified Puppy School Trainer, including training for life, such as appropriate manners around food and appropriate greetings.

They will obviously be massively loved and cherished and treated kindly and gently throughout their stay and our dogs will ensure that they return with a better understanding of appropriate play with other dogs.

Board your puppy with a qualified Puppy Trainer!

Melissa Roeton, who boarded Bella, her 16 week old Beagle puppy with us wrote;

Highly recommend Maria and Steve at Train Me & My Dog. Lovely people who took great care of our pup Bella. They don’t just make sure the dogs are fed and walked. They played will Bella, spent time training her, took her out to socialise and taught her how to settle- all in four days. Maria keeps you updated on how your pet has settled and how they are doing. I can’t rate them highly enough 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Puppy Play with tmamb home boarders

Developing 13 week old Pointer pup, Otto's Retrieve through play. Otto's a regular boarder with us and we adore him. He has a fabulous retrieve already, developed through our play methods.

Nothing builds a bond like playing with your pup/dog so it's a big part of your furbaby's stay with us!

Home Boarders Loving our Sandpit

8 month old, GS pup, Prince digging to OZ in our sandpit. Dogs LOVE digging so providing them with a diggy pit entertains them for hours! We'll soon be having a second sandpit installed as our dogs enjoy it so much.

Slow Feeding with TMAMD

We use a range of feeding methods to keep your pups entertained and to develop their brain power. Here's little Otto making us dizzy with his slow feeder. 

We also use scatter feeding, hiding food in boxes, frozen Kongs, lickimats and snuffle mats.


Your dog must be fully-vaccinated and people and dog-friendly, to board with us, as they will be boarding with our own 4 dogs and other boarders. Your dog must be fully happy in the company of other dogs. We regret that we cannot accept female dogs in season, entire males over 10 months of age or dogs with aggressive tendencies towards people or other dogs.

Home Boarder Prince; bird-watching!
Home Boarder Prince; bird-watching!



Please contact us to check availability or to request a quote. You can then make a no-obligation provisional booking on 07939 994126 or by emailing . Assessments of all prospective new boarders will then take place, through a one-off Assessment Visit that will take place in our home. This Assessment will cover any dog, over 6 months of age, for any subsequent boardings with us. Your dog will be assessed for its temperament and its suitability to be boarded with us and our own dogs, during this meeting. 

The Assessment will take place during an overnight/day visit so that we can assess whether your dog happily settles into our environment with us.

Following this assessment, we will be able to advise if your dog is able to stay with us. If your dog is accepted for boarding, a 50% deposit is required at the time of booking, with the remainder being paid at least one week prior to the commencement of boarding.

Assessment Visit Costs for 2019/20, payable upon collection.

All Assessment visits are chargeable, at a minimum rate of £25 per dog. All assessments incur collection/drop off charges if this service is used.


Animals will be collected and dropped off by us between 7am – 10.30am ONLY or you can drop off and collect your dog yourselves between the same times, as agreed at the time of booking the Assessment Visit.

Cassie, helping with the bookings!
Cassie, helping with the bookings!

Home Boarding Prices 2019/20

Our prices

Our daily rate is £20 per dog per 24hrs boarding for all boarding after 1st Sept 2019.

1 dog; £20 per day plus £20 per day for any additional dogs from the same family.

Our minimum length of stay is 8 hrs, to include an overnight stay, which is charged at our full daily rate of £20. 

We accept all breeds and all ages. 

Bank Holidays are charged at our daily rate, plus £10 per dog per Bank Holiday.

Daily training sessions can be purchased for an extra £5 per day. We will focus on any aspect of training required by the owner, during these sessions, which are bookable at the time of confirmation.


Collection & DROP OFF SERVICE each way

Up to 5 miles – Free

Between 5 – 10 miles                £15

Between 10 – 20 miles             £25

20 miles+                                        £25 plus 35p per mile


 Enquiries should be directed to either Maria or Steve on 07939 994126 or via email to

We look forward to hearing from you and taking care of your furbaby for their holiday.