Canine college - LEVEL 2 Obedience Course - ALSO LIVE ONLINE

So you've completed your school-level course with us at Beginner's or Puppy Training level, meaning that your dog is already better-trained than most in the UK. CONGRATULATIONS! So, now it's time to take the plunge and send your dog to college.

TMAMD's Canine College is our Level 2 Obedience Dog Training Course for those dogs and pups aged 5 months+ that have completed either our Beginner's Level 1 Obedience Course, our Puppy Training Course or at least an equivalent initial training course with an alternative provider.

The course focuses on teaching the 3Ds; distance, distraction and duration and in building auto-focus so that your dog will automatically turn their focus onto you, in a variety of different real-life situations and  it will further reinforce the basic skills taught at Level 1.

It consists of 6 carefully-designed one hour lessons that will further improve your dog's obedience level and includes:

  • Distance work - Sits, Downs, Stays, Control from distance
  • Duration Work - Improving your dog's duration holding positions
  • Auto-focus/Focus on owner
  • Leave around distractions
  • Training a retrieve
  • Heelwork & loose lead walking around distractions
  • Fabulous groundwork for those owners who wish to move into agility or rally, when their dogs are old enough, due to it's focus on distance cues.

This course also provides owners and their dogs the opportunity to develop extensive learning for real-life situations, such as leaving items/people/dogs encountered on walks, anti-pull techniques that really work, retrieval of unique items, calmly entering and exiting the home, the car etc, developing emergency stops and being able to ignore a range of distractions, thus proofing the obedience cues taught.

You will receive full course notes, weekly, to ensure that you can practise at home and a rosette and certificate upon completion. You'll also receive lifelong membership to our Dog Walking Club.

Only 4 dogs per course,  you will receive a wealth of individual attention to develop your handling skills to a very high level. As with all of our courses, this one is fun, interactive and informative. No sitting around waiting your turn, with your dog becoming increasingly bored and restless. We accept only the number of dogs that can work comfortably within our venues to ensure that every owner's learning time is fully maximised within each lesson. With only 4 dogs per course and with Maria's background as a primary school teacher, we can effectively tailor each course to ensure that it meets the needs of each dog and its handler.

The full 6 week course costs only £90 and runs at our huge outdoor venue in Tern Hill, Market Drayton, a number of times per year, upon demand,  so please contact us if you would be interested in attending a course.

We welcome reactive dogs onto this course but we can only accept one dog-reactive dog per course, so please phone to book your place. We fully understand that some dogs are fear-aggressive or nervous around other dogs or people and have had multiple successes in helping owners to develop their dog's confidence and obedience levels so that issues can be better-managed or minimised, so please contact us to discuss your dog's needs and we will do our very best to help you to get the best from your dog so you can give them the life that they deserve. All breeds and ages welcome! Our oldest recruit, to date, was 11 years old! Can you beat that?

Distance Work

Check out this great video of my pup, Cooper, at 7 months, working at distance. This training builds to developing Emergency Stops!

Developing Door & Gate Manners

5 month old, Loki & 6 month old, Rosie, showing off their impeccable door & gate manners, even when there is a tasty treat waiting on the other side! This is achieved with just a 'sit' cue.

Brilliant 6 month old pup, Chad, demonstrates that his learning in class is achievable in the real world! Amazing!

Developing Emergency Stops

Eddie found working around other dogs really challenging so we delivered his CC training on a 1:1 basis and built in regular sessions working alongside my Lab, Holly. He was quite a challenge to motivate so we used his favourite toy, as his reward, rather than the usual treats. CC training can be adapted to suit your dog. If they are reactive please get in touch to have this course delivered on a 1:1 basis, including reactivity training.

Recalls & Distance Cues

Recalls and stops at such a distance that you can barely see our Chad, who attended our puppy classes and then Canine College. What a dog this pupster is developing into!

Heelwork Around Distractions

Manchester Terrier, Felice, was so excitable around other dogs that achieving this standard of heelwork would have been unimaginable before he completed our Beginner's, and then our Canine College Training Courses.