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Check out what our Beginner's achieve in just a few short weeks with TMAMD's amazing Adult/Older Pup Beginner's Course.


“Maria and Steve really know what they are doing...they are friendly, approachable, calm, professional and everything makes total sense once they explain it! In just 4 sessions of the beginners course, we were already able to see a big improvement in Riley’s  ability to follow basic commands and that he is essentially an intelligent animal who picked things up a lot quicker than we expected! What is more...as owners....we have gained confidence in knowing that almost anything is possible....and that is quite exciting.  We will definitely be signing up for more training in the future.”

Thanks and all the best till the next time,

Wendy, Ken and Riley.



'Maria is a wonderful dog trainer with patience and passion and a love for what she does. We had a brilliant experience and learnt so much from Maria.'

Mike Duhig and the amazing Tess

Dogs are so intelligent and they all love to learn. Their wagging tails and the way they dive into classes shows me that every single day. They all deserve to receive training so that we can communicate with them better so please choose to start that training journey with them  today and build a stronger bond with your furry best friend.

For puppies and dogs over 5 months, at the beginning of their course, we offer our ever-popular 5 week  Beginner's Level 1 Obedience Training Course.  We have recently updated this course, making it better than ever! Using modern, reward-based learning techniques, based on the latest scientific research, we are helping owners to teach their dogs the basics in even quicker times, yielding excellent levels of foundation-level obedience by the end of the course. 

This is a 5 week dog training course full of fun, positive, reward-based training with only 4 dogs per course maximum,  ensuring lots of individual attention from us to help you to fully master those techniques and extensive  practise time for all owners and their dogs per lesson. Absolutely, no sitting about, waiting for your turn, as happens in many dog training classes, giving your dog the opportunity to become bored, restless and giving you a headache, trying to prevent unwanted behaviour due to this. We accept only the numbers of dogs per course that can work comfortably all together in our venues, ensuring that your learning time with us is fully maximised. Accepting no more than 4 dogs per course ensures that we can focus on what's important to you so if you're looking to help your dog build confidence, we can do that, become less excitable and distracted, we can do that too! We're also fun, friendly and as well as learning lots we have quite a few laughs along the way so please don't be worried about starting your training journey with us. We're here to support you and your dog.

This course is suitable for dogs over 5 months who have never completed a training course or for those who would benefit from a foundation-level refresher course to improve their consistency in obedience. 

By the end of this course your dog will be able to consistently;

sit, lie down, stand, settle, stay, come when called, leave and walk well on lead,  

greet people appropriately and perform a trick or two! They will also develop their positions, with duration, so that they can maintain them, which will develop calmer behaviour, in general, due to their enhanced ability to stay in position when cued. Your dog will become more focused on you and the training will strengthen your relationship with your dog.

This training course will aid your control of your dog in a variety of situations as you learn to better communicate with each other and is very useful in helping you to help your dog to address reactivity, fear-aggression, nervousness or frustration-barking. Your dog wants to please you and with 

You will be able to;

understand the benefits of toy play as a tool for strengthening your relationship with your four-legged friend, encouraging better recall, lead walking &  focus

better utilise enrichment activities to  improve the quality of your dog's life, helping you to address a variety of issues and unwanted behaviours

use positive training techniques that will help you to overcome a variety of negative behaviours in your pet.

All of our teaching  involves clear demonstrations provided with clear instructions so that you can see techniques in action and you'll receive comprehensive notes, weekly, to enable you to practise at home between lessons. 

You'll also receive a certificate and rosette upon completion of the course.

An investment of only £75 for a 5 week course, secures your place.

See Our Available Dates and Times 

An invite to our Dog Walking Group is also included.

Courses run in Market Drayton evenings and weekends for your convenience.


We cannot accept dog reactive dogs onto this course during the Winter months as the course is delivered indoors, in the main,  but we fully understand that some dogs are fear-aggressive or nervous around other dogs or people and have had multiple successes in helping owners to develop their dog's confidence and obedience levels so that issues can be better-managed or , at the very least, largely minimised, so please contact us to discuss your dog's needs and we will do our very best to help you to get the best from your dog so you can join one of our courses soon. Alternatively, join a Spring, Summer or Autumn course when our training is delivered outdoors in a third of an acre plot, meaning that reactive dogs cope really well and one per course is very welcome. If your dog is reactive, please phone us prior to booking to ensure that our reactive spot is still available.

All breeds and ages welcome! Our oldest recruit, to date, was 11 years old and he made wonderful progress! Can you beat that?

Once you've completed this 'school-level' obedience course you have the option of going to college or university in our fun follow-on courses, so please begin your journey today by booking onto a course. 

Achieving Success

Teaching your dog a cue requires patience and none more so than the 'down' cue. Once this is mastered, the rest is usually plain sailing but achieving this with your dog, for the first time, can be a proud moment for any owner.

Here's little rescue, Bettie, achieving her second 'down' which was shared proudly with the whole group, as her owner was so excited to have achieved it for the first time only moments before! And as we prepared to film her she didn't let her Dad down! Go Bettie!